Dark Matter 210 Review: It’s All In Your Head

Scifi Singularity

This episode was informative, but not quite as dynamic as the last couple.  Everything took place aboard the Raza and there weren’t any space battles.  That didn’t mean it was any less enjoyable than previous episodes, just that it had a more introspective tone, which was the kind of episode we needed about now.

Dark Matter 210 Review Poor Five worries too much (Image courtesy Syfy)

Here’s the Deal
(WTF happened – the short version)

The episode picks up where we left off with Android in that bedroom and Victor (the android who gave ours the human emotion upgrade) is there, too.  It’s a dream Android is having while on her charging pad.  This shouldn’t be possible, so the crew ask her to remain on the pad to be safe.

Lights flicker near different crew members and they begin to have very realistic hallucinations.  Four fights Misaki who tells him he’s worthless as a…

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