‘Dark Matter’ Sophmore Season Raises the Bar and Delivers the Awesome in 7 slices


I watched the season 2 finale of Syfy’s space opera ‘Dark Matter’ over the weekend and I was satisfyingly blown away, especially after the jaw dropping penultimate episode.

I was considering doing a finale review but after three days that would be stale like three day old bread (you were expecting a more clever analogy?). So I instead decided to review the entire season in one fell swoop.

With a gargantuan SPOILER ALERT for everything up to and including the season 2 finale here is my review in seven easy to chew slices:

#7 Nyx and the new guys

image Shut up and take your medicine!

Season 2 opened with half of our motley crew in a galactic super prison and there they made new “friends” – the sneaky Arax Nero, disgraced Doctor Devon and the mysterious Nyx. Nero did not do much other than betray the crew and get left behind…

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