I Receive Miracles In My Life Because I Expect Miracles!

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude


“My home is Los Angeles. Hollywood. The Beach. I am an actor, producer, director. I spend much time elsewhere raising my kids as a divorced dad. I wanted to be with them as they grew up. My home is L A. This city is where my heart is. It is my power place. I own it.

This is important, WHY? Because when I am here the streets open up and a ride the waves of traffic getting to and from wherever I need to with little hassle. I get premium parking spaces in front of the venues. I meet and greet the right important people for me.

I create what I want. I am energized and I am magic. Everything works out. Everything is wonderful. I share this, WHY? Because so many of my friends here are burned out. They are tired of the grind. They hate the city and…

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Author: mmbar42

Faith, Family, Friends. Ask me about Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. Animal Rights. Weather Geek! #Faemily4ever #CloneClub #IStandWithTheRaza #Timeless

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