Now that I have signed a contract, its safe to announce this amazing news!I signed with an amazing publishing company! Winter Wolf Press! I have become part of the pack, and I am thrilled. Its a small press, and that means that I have an amazing team working closely with me. How cool is that? That means that the books I publish will get the attention they deserve.15622455_10154993119927176_7711799484561995165_n

I did have to pull what was known as Darkness Whispers from the shelves, so if you got a copy, YAY for you! If not, do not fret, the book is being reworked, revised, edited and reborn! It will be released under an different title, and I can’t wait to share it with you. This journey I am taking is going to be very exciting! I am so glad that I get to share it with you all.

In the mean…

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The Meaning of Death — Cristian Mihai

Originally posted on WISSEN: What is the meaning of life? I mean if we were to all die later, if not sooner, then what exactly is it that gives our life meaning—or what’s the purpose, the point or the very essence of living that makes life worth living? I can’t remember when exactly but after experiencing…

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We Marched, Now What? Introvert Activism #Resist — Becoming Cliche

Fridays are now going to Introvert Activism day. Trust me, friends, if this socially awkward weirdo can work to make a change in this world, ANYONE can. In case you missed it, I went to the Women’s March on Washington, DC on Saturday. I did it for the reasons I mentioned here, and for a […]

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Univision Warns of Possible Charter Communications Blackout in New York, LA — Variety

Univision stations in New York, Los Angeles and other big markets could go dark for Charter Communications subscribers at the end of the month as the Spanish-language giant tussles over carriage terms with the nation’s second-largest cable operator. The two sides are already in litigation over what Univision says is Charter’s breach of contract agreements……

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‘La La Land,’ ‘Arrival,’ ‘This Is Us’ Win ACE Eddie Awards for Film Editing — Variety

At the 67th annual ACE Eddie Awards, “Arrival,” “La La Land,” “Game of Thrones” and “This Is Us” were among the big winners.

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So Long Mary Tyler Moore

Envisioning The American Dream

mary-tyler-moore-mtm_tvg_3-77 As a 30 year old single working woman, Mary Richards acted as a kind of stand in for a new American female for a generation of women. TV Guide May 1977

With the turn of a TV dial, Mary turned the world and my childhood on with her smile.

A constant presence on my TV screen, Mary Tyler Moore and her winning smile, shepherded me through  my Kennedy era childhood, my tumultuous teens and straight into my early adulthood.

Laura Petrie

mary-and-dick-van-dyke-TV Gude Cover 1961 Oh Rob! Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke TV Guide Dec. 1961

Who didn’t love Mary as Laura Petrie, the New Rochelle housewife who defiantly  traded in the per-requisite starched dress and pearls of other TV housewives for a more fetching pair of capris.  After several seasons of stuffy and often stilted  TV sitcom  moms like June Cleaver and Margaret Anderson,  Laura was a breath of fresh suburban…

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