An island grave site hints at far-flung ties among ancient Americans | Science News

An island grave site hints at far-flung ties among ancient Americans | Science News
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Robin Givens Emotionally Detailed Her Beloved Sister’s Sudden Passing

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Every Wildlife Ranger Counts | The Tiniest Tiger Cat Community

They work in some of the world’s most dangerous and extreme places. The Wildlife Ranger anti-poaching rangers do one of the toughest jobs in the world.
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Shania Twain Talks About the Grief of Losing Her Voice to Lyme Disease | The Mighty

Shania Twain talks about the grief she felt when she lost her ability to sing after contracting Lyme disease.
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5 Ways to Distract Yourself from Pain


There’s a change in the air. The tropical, coconut lemony smell of summer has faded.  The air is thinner, clearer. Last week, the air was thick enough to wrap around us like a blanket – now it’s more like a filmy sheer curtain, with a window behind it letting in an uncomfortable draught. Most days are still warm enough for bare feet and sandals – at least after or so – and a thin cardigan or sweater over a t-shirt, but my shorts are back in the wardrobe. And by four p.m, there is a sharp edge to the air, like a freshly-sharpened knife.

Yep, it’s Autumn in my hemisphere. Halfway to winter really – our crop of feijoas and passionfruit are over, it’s dark by 6pm, our heatpump unit has been switched from air-conditioning to heating again, and the need to replace the dodgy, ten-year old electric blanket…

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