Online Hate Speech is Pervasive. Here’s How to Start Combating it.

Posted on February 9, 2017 by Patrick McNeil

After a presidential campaign notable for its demonization of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities – and now under a presidency that is continuing that dangerous trend – some people are feeling more validated and emboldened than ever. On public forums like Twitter, there’s been an uptick of harassment and threats (see here and here, for example) from racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim individuals. And some of their victims have felt they have no choice but to quit the platforms and silence themselves….hatespeech

We Marched, Now What? Introvert Activism #Resist — Becoming Cliche

Fridays are now going to Introvert Activism day. Trust me, friends, if this socially awkward weirdo can work to make a change in this world, ANYONE can. In case you missed it, I went to the Women’s March on Washington, DC on Saturday. I did it for the reasons I mentioned here, and for a […]

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7-Year Old Girl Rescues Cat Left To Die In Trash

This abandoned cat was left to die. But this 7 year old had something else in mind.

Source: 7-Year Old Girl Rescues Cat Left To Die In Trash

I thought this story was just incredible.  When you see the photos of this cat when she was rescued, the injuries sustained are mind boggling.  How did this cat above all odds survive?  In my opinion, I think the cat sensed love and safety from the little girl and her Family.  This cat knew the Family was trying to help ease her pain, nourish her with food and help heal her injuries.  I love stories and photos like this because they illustrate humanity  and how much we really don’t know regarding feline intelligence.  I suspect there’s much more than meets the eye.