Stem Cell Breakthrough Is Crucial Step For Potential Type 1 Diabetes Cure | IFLScience

Researchers have been able to mature insulin-producing beta cells in the lab for the first time, a first step towards implanting them in people with type 1
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Paraplegic rats walk after receiving stem cell therapy in a breakthrough scientists say ‘gives hope’ paralysed people could become mobile

Paraplegic rats walk after receiving stem cell therapy | Daily Mail Online

Paraplegic rats have walked after receiving stem cell therapy, new research reveals.
After just three weeks, 42 per cent of the rodents improved their ability to walk and support their weight, a study found.
Some 75 per cent of the animals were able to respond to stimuli on their back legs after being treated, the research adds.
Stem cells differentiate into specialised cells according to where they are in the body, however, for unclear reasons, the therapy was not successful in all of the study’s rats.
Nonetheless, study author Dr Shulamit Levenberg from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, said: ‘Although there is still some way to go before it can be applied in humans, this research gives hope.’

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