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Fundraiser by Michele Hoffman : Milo’s 2018 Calendar


Milo’s proudly announces the sale of our fabulous 2018 FULL COLOR wall calendar! Featuring the beautiful cats of Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue, Inc.

Now you too can have these amazing cats to look at all year round and know your helping Milo’s Special Needs Cats and Kittens at the same time!

We only have 125 for sale so they are very limited and will sell out quickly so get yours now. They make great gifts for your cat loving friends, neighbors, family and weird co-workers.

Calendars are $20.00 each and that includes shipping WITHIN THE USA ONLY! If you live outside the USA please email for total.

September 21, 2017: Let’s do a Dark Matter mailbag!

Josephmallozzi's Weblog

Apologies for not checking in sooner.  I’ve been out of commission today, sick and sleeping off what I assume to be a touch of food poisoning.   Was it the curry ramen?  A fried oyster?  The lychee sake that tasted like dish washing soap?  I’ll avoid a Murder on the Orient Express gag here out of respect for spoilerphobes, but let me be clear – it WAS one of them.

Anyway, following my four hour mid-afternoon nap, I jumped online and discovered the Dark Matter Council was in the midst of another fabulous twitter campaign, perhaps my favorite yet –

I’m amazed by all of you who were inspired by many of the same mainstays of sci-fi that led me down this road.  Asimov, Clarke, Ellison, Alien, The ThingPlanet of the Apes, Star Trek: The Original Series…to name but a few.

I’m also touched and…

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Love Is All and Love Is Nothing

The Weaver

…a voice, a vibration, a lost soul, an unveiled destiny. Seen, unseen, known, unknown, stumbling through hazy visions of its unredeemed past, finding not what was but still is; a picture of Love. A stunning stroke on the black bare wall of its own prison and then void…Echoes making unbearable marks on the already insane mind, leaving behind a husk; nothing more.

Unprecedented order of events influences this mere husk and as a spectator to its own violation, it witnesses itself devoured in the silent sea of loneliness; and no effect of its own volition can ever stand against the mere shadow of that sea…and all this because of Love.

Tossing and jostling, this husk, on the crushing waves of the ocean of time and space, the torture never ends. Pain is no longer abhorrent but blissful, shadows do not insinuate fear but companionship.


A husk, that’s what I…

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