A Third Season for Both! – Syfy Renews Killjoys & Dark Matter

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As the second season for both Killjoys and Dark Matter near their end, fans are getting antsy about a third season renewal.  Well ants no more, fellow geek, because Syfy has renewed them both!

So far, there hasn’t been any official press release, but the official Dark Matter Twitter account shared the following embedded tweet.  It links to a Variety article about the renewal.  THR, Deadline, and the like also have the story, but so far Syfy hasn’t deemed we mere mortals worthy of inclusion.  When they do, I’ll bring you the press release, just so we have extra confirmation.

It’ll also help get any lingering ants out.

Don’t forget to watch the season two finale of Killjoys this Friday, September 02 at 9/8c followed by a new…

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Dark Matter 210 Review: It’s All In Your Head

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This episode was informative, but not quite as dynamic as the last couple.  Everything took place aboard the Raza and there weren’t any space battles.  That didn’t mean it was any less enjoyable than previous episodes, just that it had a more introspective tone, which was the kind of episode we needed about now.

Dark Matter 210 Review Poor Five worries too much (Image courtesy Syfy)

Here’s the Deal
(WTF happened – the short version)

The episode picks up where we left off with Android in that bedroom and Victor (the android who gave ours the human emotion upgrade) is there, too.  It’s a dream Android is having while on her charging pad.  This shouldn’t be possible, so the crew ask her to remain on the pad to be safe.

Lights flicker near different crew members and they begin to have very realistic hallucinations.  Four fights Misaki who tells him he’s worthless as a…

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Obama Blasts Trump’s “Rigged” Election Remarks As “Ridiculous” — Deadline

“Of course the elections will not be rigged, what does that mean? asked President Barack Obama today in a press conference at the Pentagon. Covered live by cable news and NBC, the incumbent was responding to a question about comments a down in the polls Republican hopeful Donald Trump has made publicly this week saying…

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Trusted Security Firm Announces Your Wireless Keyboard May Be Betraying Your Secrets

There’s a devious hack out that could be compromising the security of your wireless keyboard. This technique called ‘Keysniffer’ allows hackers to access your wireless keyboards from as far as 250 feet away, so that they can either record your keystrokes or even silently type keystrokes using your keyboard, Wired reports. In other words, they […]

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Randomly Speaking, Poetically Thinking…: March 2015 Domestic Violence Awareness ~ Invisible Abuse by Alise Leslie

Source: Randomly Speaking, Poetically Thinking…: March 2015 Domestic Violence Awareness ~ Invisible Abuse by Alise Leslie

Can We Talk About that Paralympics Ad?


British Broadcaster Channel 4 (which has the broadcasting rights for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio) recently released their trailer for the games and it’s getting a lot of positive attention.

Here it is

Here’s a version audio described by Australian comedian Adam Hills

I’ve actually been trying to write this piece for several days and have been having difficulty. Not because I don’t know how I feel about this ad but because I don’t know how to articulate it. I’m still not sure that I do. I have found that when I criticize the media representation of disabled people. I am often accused of criticizing the disabled people in that media.

I want to make it clear that this is not what I’m trying to do. I am trying to talk about the implications of how disabled people and their accomplishments are framed and disseminated for a majority nondisabled audience.

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