Why finding a solution to control Lyme disease isn’t simple

Ticks are by far the biggest disease vector in the U.S., and Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the northern hemisphere, causing neurological problems and even permanent cognitive and sensory impairment if not treated. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how communities are trying to combat the spread of the disease by controlling through hunting and alternatives.

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Prescription Drug Costs Are On The Rise; So Are The TV Ads Promoting Them — Kaiser Health News, By Bruce Horovitz and Julie Appleby

Laura Ries was moved to action when she saw a TV commercial that portrayed a woman enjoying time with her grandchildren after taking Lyrica, a prescription medication for diabetic nerve pain. Ries’ elderly mother suffered from just that problem. “The ad showed someone who was enjoying life again,” said Ries, president of a marketing strategy…

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The Enduring Romance of Beauty and the Beast

Lady Smut

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

I remember the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast in 1991. It was in the Berkeley Heights movie theater. Thursday nights were buy one, get one, but I went with my friends for a matinée. Funny, I can’t remember who I was with, but I distinctly remember that first moment when the curtain drew back (yes, it had a curtain across the screen) and the first image of the movie filled the frame.

I gasped. For real. I spent the first 90 seconds wavering back and forth between thinking it was real and believing it was a cartoon. The colors were so bright, the images so crisp, it was breathtaking, as in it literally took my breath away. Minutes later, the opening number “Belle” began and I was officially enraptured. The complexity of the song, the brilliance of the lyrics, the timing of the…

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Stop! Distractions And Judgements Cause You To Fail (reblogged from Rex Sikes’ Daily Inspiration and Gratitude)

“With so much unrest in current affairs it is easy to get caught up. It is downright seductive. It is a major distraction. How much time is lost, spent finding out about, watching, worrying a…

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Timeless’ Renewed or Cancelled: Will Abigail Spencer’s Show be Back for Season 2? By Daniel S. Levine

I have been researching Timeless’ destiny but have been coming up empty handed. That is, until today. A Bing search yielded this article, about 7 days old. At the very least, I now know that Timeless is on the “bubble”. By now, most shows have either been renewed or sent to cancelation hell. NBC has certainly gotten hopes up by ordering more episodes. The series complied and Timeless managed a full season with an unfinished story. Timeless’ basic storyline is not a new idea, but a fresh take on time travel. It has an ensemble of excellent actors backed up by script writers weaving their magic for each foray into a different time in history. We have a team with established chemistry: Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin and Wyatt Logan. The plotline from IMDb states: “A trio travels through time to battle a master criminal out to alter human history in this drama.”. This master criminal is Garcia Flynn. This series has kept me glued to my tv and DVR. The ratings in that coveted 18-49 demographic have been fairly stable with some slight dips. I think that speaks well for a freshman drama. NBC, please don’t let Timeless slip down the “bubble” into cancelation oblivion! – M Barnett


Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston. (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

‘Timeless’ Renewed or Cancelled: Will Abigail Spencer’s Show be Back for Season 2?

The season finale of NBC‘s Timeless aired tonight, so you will be wondering if the show is coming back for a second season. As of now, the time-travelling show starring Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter has yet to be renewed for a second season and its prospects are looking dim. Although the ratings for the show haven’t been great, its creators are confident that there will be more episodes in Fall 2017 and that’s how they wrote the season one finale…


Online Hate Speech is Pervasive. Here’s How to Start Combating it.


Posted on February 9, 2017 by Patrick McNeil

After a presidential campaign notable for its demonization of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities – and now under a presidency that is continuing that dangerous trend – some people are feeling more validated and emboldened than ever. On public forums like Twitter, there’s been an uptick of harassment and threats (see here and here, for example) from racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim individuals. And some of their victims have felt they have no choice but to quit the platforms and silence themselves….hatespeech



Now that I have signed a contract, its safe to announce this amazing news!I signed with an amazing publishing company! Winter Wolf Press! I have become part of the pack, and I am thrilled. Its a small press, and that means that I have an amazing team working closely with me. How cool is that? That means that the books I publish will get the attention they deserve.15622455_10154993119927176_7711799484561995165_n

I did have to pull what was known as Darkness Whispers from the shelves, so if you got a copy, YAY for you! If not, do not fret, the book is being reworked, revised, edited and reborn! It will be released under an different title, and I can’t wait to share it with you. This journey I am taking is going to be very exciting! I am so glad that I get to share it with you all.

In the mean…

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We Marched, Now What? Introvert Activism #Resist — Becoming Cliche

Fridays are now going to Introvert Activism day. Trust me, friends, if this socially awkward weirdo can work to make a change in this world, ANYONE can. In case you missed it, I went to the Women’s March on Washington, DC on Saturday. I did it for the reasons I mentioned here, and for a […]

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Univision Warns of Possible Charter Communications Blackout in New York, LA — Variety

Univision stations in New York, Los Angeles and other big markets could go dark for Charter Communications subscribers at the end of the month as the Spanish-language giant tussles over carriage terms with the nation’s second-largest cable operator. The two sides are already in litigation over what Univision says is Charter’s breach of contract agreements……

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